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_(Translated from a Kannada forward)_
The man from a village somehow managed with difficulty to reach a hospital in Bengaluru with his wife in advanced stage of pregnancy.
The doctor examined the weak lady and said she urgently needs B+ blood. Blood bank in the hospital is shut down due to COVID 19. The man was A+ and requested the doctor to take his blood. Doctor said it won’t work. The rushed out to get B+ blood.
Police constable caught him outside and wanted to take him to police station because of lockdown. The man narrated his problem to the constable. The constable was B+ and he immediately came back to the hospital with the man. He donated the blood and the mother and new born baby were fine.
The DSP of the Police Station got to know of this and appreciated the constable. He awarded ₹25000/- reward to the constable.
Realising the poor state of the man and his family the constable paid the entire hospital bill from the reward money and gave the remaining amount to the mother and the baby.
A big salute to the Indian Policeman, Constable *Manjunath* of Bengaluru

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